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DV – Statement of purpose

The Latvian Welfare Association Daugavas Vanagi (DV) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, charitable, membership organization devoted to:

  • Calling together all Latvians throughout the World to preserve a unified Latvian community;
  • Nurturing among Latvians a heroic spirit and moral bearing;
  • Assisting Latvians in need;
  • Supporting and promoting Latvian culture, education, and youth development;
  • Defending Latvia’s independence and liberty;
  • Strengthening faith in the Latvian state, its democratic institutions, human rights and freedom;
  • Honoring all soldiers who fought on behalf of Latvia’s freedom and independence;
  • Working with people of all nations to advance common interests and goals.

DV – Membership

Membership in the DV is open to all who support the DV’s aims and activities. Active members, who have voting rights in local DV chapter annual meetings and in other elections as specified in the by-laws, are those 18 years of age and older. DV members may also be in one or more of the following categories: “Vanadzēni” – below age 16; DV Youth – ages 16 to 30; and Active members – 18 and older. Women are also members of the “Vanadzes”. After submitting a DV membership application, potential members are admitted after being approved by their local DV chapter board with a 2/3-majority vote.

DV – Organizational structure

The Daugavas Vanagi organization is based on local Daugavas Vanagi (DV) chapters and groups located where Latvians live in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, South America, Western Europe and in Latvia itself. The DV chapters in each nation are united in countrywide DV organizations. In the United States this is the Daugavas Vanagi, USA (DV-USA). The various DV countrywide organizations are united in the worldwide DV Central organization. The Daugavas Vanadzes (women’s auxiliary) is also based on local chapters that work with local DV chapters. The Vanadzes have their own national and worldwide organizations. Together, the Daugavas Vanagi and the Vanadzes comprise the DV community.

Each year the DV chapters in the USA choose delegates to the annual Delegates Meeting, which is held in April or May. The Delegates Meeting elects the national board and officers of the DV-USA. The national board is composed of the president, secretary, treasurer and division heads. There are divisions for charitable work, culture, ideology, information, membership, sports, women’s auxiliary, and youth. Various Commissions work with the National board.

DV – Events and activities

The local DV chapters and groups organize various activities for the benefit of their members and their local communities. These may include concerts, poetry readings, lectures, video showings, theater performances, field trips, exhibits, bazaars, and sports events. There are also commemorative, holiday, membership, fundraising & other gatherings. Some chapters sponsor theater troops, folk dance groups, Boy Scout and Girl Guide units, sing along groups and libraries.

DV – Charitable work

The DV USA and every local DV chapter & group provide various forms of support and assistance to needy people in Latvia and in all countries where the DV is active. Among those receiving this assistance are the elderly, the sick, the disabled, large families and orphans. Special attention is given to Latvian war veterans and their families. Support is also given to hospitals, children’s homes and other charitable funds.

DV – Support for culture, education and youth

The DV USA and every local DV chapter & group support Latvian culture, education and youth development. Support is given to: Latvian schools (in Latvia and in other countries); summer high schools; educational stipends; and summer camps.

DV – Educating the world public about historical issues

In the view of the DV, people all over the world must know and respect the truth about Latvia’s history, especially about events during the periods of Soviet and Nazi occupation. To this end the DV-USA and local DV chapters and groups support: the restoration of Latvia’s Freedom Monument; the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia; the establishment of the Lestene cemetery in Kurzeme; The Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, DC; and various efforts to educate the world public about all aspects of Latvia’s 20th century history.

DV – A non-political, non-governmental, not-for-profit, organization

The Daugavas Vanagi is not aligned with any political party or grouping, but it does support those who work in accordance with the DV’s principles and goals

The Latvian Association, Daugavas Vanagi, ASV, Inc. is registered as a charitable not-for-profit organization under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue code. All donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by federal and state laws.

Daugavas Vanagi of Kalamazoo Board Members

Zigfrīds Jirgens
Zeltīte Bērziņš
Daina Melbārdis
Anna Vaseris
Irēne Geisler
Anita Gaudio
Maiga-Regīna Auziņš

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