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The Kalamazoo Latvian Association

The Kalamazoo Latvian Association was founded in 1950 by Latvian refugees from WWII. Most had narrowly escaped their homeland after the Russian invasion of 1944. There is now a third generation of Latvians continuing to gather and celebrate their culture in Kalamazoo.

The purpose of the KLA is to organize, sponsor and support Latvian culture in the Kalamazoo area. The KLA regularly organizes a variety of cultural events including concerts, plays, Latvian Independence Day celebrations and social gatherings. In recent years they have organized an annual Rummage Sale and Christmas Bazaar. The KLA is also responsible for maintaining the Center.
The Kalamazoo Latvian Center was built in 1987 and is located next to the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church. The building serves as the fellowship hall of the church and activity center for all Latvian social and cultural activities. The building also provides space for the Kalamazoo Latvian School, where youth in grades K-8 have an opportunity to learn the language, culture, history and geography of their heritage.

The Latvian Center is primarily used for Latvian cultural events and school, but the facilities are also available to other Latvian organizations or church and KLA members for rent. The main hall along with the kitchen is especially suitable for weddings and similar celebrations.

Board Members

Kalamazoo Latvian Association Board Members

Maira Bundža, President

Edvīns Melbārdis, Vice President

Dainis Matisons, Treasurer

Ieva Kalniņš, Secretary

Marissa LaDitka, Membership

Anita Gaudio, Facility Manager

Anita Spolīte, Head Chef

Malda Rose, Event Coordinator

Members / Donations

Members / Donations

We turn to you once a year with a request to donate to support the work of the Kalamazoo Latvian Association.

The Kalamazoo Latvian Association (KLA) has a mission of providing opportunities for the local Latvian community to gather for cultural and social events.

Besides organizing events, KLA is also responsible for maintaining the Kalamazoo Latvian Center. Last year we replaced the furnace with the help of funds from the Daugavas Vanagi and resurfaced the parking lot. This year we hope to repaint the outside of the building.

We are asking for your support of the future work of Latvian community in Kalamazoo, by sending in the $50 annual KLA membership dues. Even if you are life-time members, we hope you will continue to support us. We thank you for any donation!

Please fill out the attached form and send it to:

Paypal Donations and Membership Renewal

Kalamazoo Latvian Association

100 Cherry Hill

Kalamazoo, MI 49006

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