Western Michigan University – Located in Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Latvian Center
Latvian Tradtional Piragi
Kalamazoo Institute Of Arts



The Latvian Connections:

  • Latvian Evangelical Lutheran United Church
  • The Kalamazoo Latvian Association
  • The Kalamazoo Latvian School
  • Proximity to Garezers Latvian Center

These four venues offer opportunities to learn the language, culture, history and geography of the rich Latvian heritage.



YKzoo?  Why Kalamazoo you ask? Our organization was formed because we realized that this community offers some unique opportunities for people and families of Latvian Heritage.

Aside from this, Kalamazoo has many other attributes that will encourage families to become a part of our community. Great climate, friendly people, college town, many outdoor activities, many arts and cultural activities, reasonable real estate prices, and much much more. Please take the time to browse our website including the testimonial pages to find out more about the Kalamazoo offerings which we have highlighted.

If after browsing our pages you feel that you would like more personalized information, please use the contacts portion and we will be in touch to try to clarify your questions.


Michigan also offers fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities including numerous campgrounds (all Michigan campsites that we have visited have been exceptionally clean and very well maintained), Many lakes and streams provide kayaking, fishing and bird watching opportunities, great hiking trails, biking venues including the Michigander, and much, much more.